Employment Opportunities

BB&N seeks to promote scholarship, integrity, and kindness, and expects all employees to lead by example. We value a diverse and inclusive community that fosters respect for the identities and perspectives of all and ideals of learning and serving in our local, regional, and global communities.

As part of its continuing equal employment opportunity efforts, BB&N is committed to hire and employ individuals qualified for positions by virtue of education, training, experience, and personal qualifications. BB&N does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, gender, national origin or ancestry, military experience, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability or disability, gender identity, genetic information or any other protected status. Additionally, BB&N will not discriminate on the basis of employees’ receipt of free medical services, report or disclosure of employer information, completion of the HIRD Form, nor the disclosure of any information relevant to “Free Rider Surcharge” Assessments.

BB&N aims to hire diverse candidates to support our goal of having a faculty and staff group that is reflective of our increasingly diverse community of learners.


Current Job Openings

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None at this time.

Staff Openings:
Kitchen & Catering Assistant

Student Support and Health Services Assistant

School Archivist

Faculty Openings:
General Faculty Application

In-House Middle School Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teacher

Upper School Faculty Openings:
None at this time.

Middle School Faculty Openings:
Spanish Teacher

Lower School Faculty Openings:
After School Teacher

Coaching Openings:
None at this time.