BB&N’s commitment to diversity is integral to the mission and vision of the School. The different perspectives and experiences of our students define the fabric of our community. These many perspectives and experiences contribute to the growth of the individuals who call BB&N their alma mater and shape the classroom and extracurricular experiences. To have as classmates and friends people who are different from oneself, to come to truly know the background, experiences, and beliefs of a new friend, is to learn more deeply about oneself and our world. There is no more important attribute in the preparation for global citizenship.

The vibrancy and vitality we feel in the hallways and classrooms and playing fields of BB&N derives from the people who are here. At its root are the varied interests and experiences, the different backgrounds, cultures, religions, views, and perspectives that our students bring to their classes and that faculty and families bring to myriad activities. Each of us adds to the richness of another’s experience. Working and playing together teaches us lifelong lessons about appreciating each other, about knowing and understanding each other, about learning from each other.

View a photo slideshow from One School One World 2019 below:

Building a Pathway to Inclusive Communities

Community Engagement Report