Middle School

Mindfulness at the Middle School

Mindful Lunch at the Middle School evolved about 5 years ago out of realization that kids were expressing an interest and also a need for more ways to “de-stress.”

Grade 8 Students Embark on a New Journey

The BB&N Middle School Closing Ceremony, held on June 7th at the Nicholas Athletic Center, marked an important milestone for the 88 eighth graders making the transition to high school

Collaborative Music Video Addresses Technology Balance

When BB&N's Director of Information Technology Demetri Orlando used the phrase, "Apples Up," at a faculty meeting earlier this year, Ethan Rossiter '93 was inspired. The Middle School English teacher, who is also a children's music practitioner, immediately began marinating the concept for musical treatment.

Middle School "Rocks" in Spring Musical

Harnessing their inner rock stars, BB&N middle schoolers took to the stage this spring for a rollicking performance of the play, School of Rock the Musical.

Middle School Earns Silver Medal at Drama Festival

BB&N Middle Schoolers recently garnered a silver medal at The Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild middle school drama festival. Hosted by the Winthrop Middle School, the event featured numerous performances by area schools, including BB&N's production of OMG (Opposite Machine Gadget.

Middle Schoolers Tackle Tough Questions at Science Knight

Why is spider silk so strong? Why does chocolate taste so good to humans but is toxic to dogs? What sustainable development goals will the CRER-7000 or Isotopic Hairtron 500 help achieve? Eighth grade science students explored these questions and many more at the recent Middle School Science Knight.

Global Perspectives at the Middle School

As students figure out a science lab, analyze a poem, trot onto the soccer field, prepare a meal for a local shelter, or during any of the ways they share a common experience, their lives at school are enriched by their subtle (and not so subtle) exposure to global perspectives....

The Power of the Line in 7th Grade Art Class

Moon asks the class, "What would a whisper look like if it were a line? Or frustration? What would that look like with a line? Use your whole arm—feel the emotion in your body. Let's see if it shows in the marks you make. How many different lines can you feel and show on your paper? Today is not about composition. Just see if you can get a range of feeling on the paper."

Middle and Lower School Concerts Celebrate End of the Year

BB&N Lower and Middle Schoolers captivated parents and faculty with a series of winter concerts this week, performing a variety of songs, orchestral pieces, and jazz tunes. The impressive display of talent served as the perfect adieu to the 2016 school year...

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