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On and Off Campus is a weekly feature of Alumni/ae Programs, presenting short reflections by members of the On and Off Campus student writing panel as well as contributions by past and present faculty and by alumni/ae. Our readers are welcome to send proposed submissions, 300-700 words (though longer submissions may be acceptable under exceptional circumstances), to English and Art History teacher Rob Leith at, who oversees this feature, or to Kim Ablon Whitney ’91, Assistant Director of Alumni/ae Programs at (617.800.2731).

Starting BB&N's new sports blog
Charlie Whitney ’18

A few weeks ago, I started a sports blog. Originally it was just supposed to be a place for me to put all of my countless thoughts about sports into one place. I couldn't care less if anybody read it, nor was viewership any sort of a concern for me. I casually mentioned my blog to a few friends, not expecting them to react strongly in any way, but to my surprise, they thought it was really cool and were interested in helping me.

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Taking over the world one game at a time
John Fanning ’10

My experience with mobile games began on Christmas of 1998. I was 7 years old and received my first Game Boy. This was particularly special to me because it was the Pokémon edition, which came with Pokémon Version Yellow. Like many kids my age, who grew up during the height of the craze, it was my dream to become a Pokémon Master. Naturally, I wound up playing the game religiously.

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