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On and Off Campus is a weekly feature of Alumni/ae Programs, presenting short reflections by members of the On and Off Campus student writing panel as well as contributions by past and present faculty and by alumni/ae. Our readers are welcome to send proposed submissions, 300-700 words (though longer submissions may be acceptable under exceptional circumstances), to English and Art History teacher Rob Leith at, who oversees this feature, or to Kim Ablon Whitney ’91, Assistant Director of Alumni/ae Programs at (617.800.2731).

Who's a man? Who's a boy? Who's a male?
Armando Hazaveh ’18

What it means to be a man and how to be that man is a question that confronts young men in this school and all around this country. And it is a very important one because, based on the numbers, men are invariably the ones in power: only ten countries in the world have female heads of state—all the rest are men, and of the top 500 companies, 74.5% are headed by males.

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BB&N's Animal Rights Club: why it matters
Nilu Cooper ’19

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “animal rights?” For most, the answer is “extreme” -- or even “unnecessary.” When so many pressing issues face people all around the world, it seems frivolous to care about the other beings with which we share the planet. So why should we care?

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